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Hi! I'm Jenna, the creator of Truly Me. I created Truly Me as a way to raise awareness for the mental illness of eating disorders. I myself in middle school went through Nervosa Anorexia and I have learned how it can be such a hush-hush topic. I want to shine some light on it so that young women and men everywhere can learn that you are not alone. Everyone from time to time feels like they are not enough, whether that be physically or mentally.  Truly Me is here to let you know you ARE uniquely enough and you ARE loved for who you are. I created sweatshirts and bracelets to get this idea out there and to also raise money for places like Sweetser in Saco who I have partnered with. Programs like the NEED program at Sweetser are exactly what helped me battle through such a hard time in my life and it is what helps others do the same. So, I wanted to give back, that is why every single one of the funds raised through my sweatshirts, sweatpants, and bracelets are given to Sweetser. To learn more about who I am and my mission, click below! 

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